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What happened to Named field punning?

Haskell on Reddit - Sat, 01/10/2015 - 2:25am

Anyone here knows what happened to Named field punning?

The discussion that prompted it.

It was proposed to add named field punning (now available by Record puns) to the Haskell standard. There is no indication in the ticket as to what happened then.

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99 Haskell Problems - [Beginner]

Haskell on Reddit - Fri, 01/09/2015 - 6:46pm

Hi fellow Haskellers... Haskellerians... whatever we're called! I'm a senior computer science student at USF trying to learn the magical ways of functional programming, but more specifically, Haskell! I recently fell in love with type theory in my Programming Languages course where I learned how to program in SML and a lot of what there is to know about programming language theory (though I still feel VERY lost in the universe of information there is on this subject).

Anyway, point is, I recently stumbled upon a list of 99 problems that newbies Haskellers can do to demonstrate how well they wield Haskell and to point out flaws in their understanding. I'm making it a semester goal (outside of any mandatory coursework) to complete every problem on this list:

I hope you'll join me and/or watch my repository here, and perhaps give me some valuable tips/tricks/advice along the way:

I'm VERY excited about learning all there is to know about this language from a personal standpoint-- I don't think I can honestly say I've ever been more passionate about anything. I'm already 75% of the way through Learn you a Haskell, and have Real World Haskell waiting for me on my shelf as soon as I finish the former!

On top of all that, cheers to all you wonderful people who post/comment on this subreddit that echo my enthusiasm, and to all those who contribute so greatly to this community! Together we can learn us a Haskell for great good! XD

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Philip Wadler: Joe Sacco: On Satire

Planet Haskell - Fri, 01/09/2015 - 6:22pm
Joe Sacco is my favourite graphic-novel journalist. All of us deplore the attack on Charlie Hebdo, but his response is the most thoughtful analysis I've seen.
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Is there collection of exercises similar to 1HAD?

Haskell on Reddit - Fri, 01/09/2015 - 11:31am

I like the format of

You need to write one simple function and you can view a solution. Is there something similar?

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Question about "Type Theory & Functional Programming"

Haskell on Reddit - Thu, 01/08/2015 - 9:20pm

Following an endorsement of type theory in a recent comment thread, I decided to actually learn what it was, and started to read Simon Thompson's Type Theory & Functional Programming (and errata) which is just great. Having never taken any class that used the notation, this is the first time I've really had someone explain the rules of propositional logic, and I think I'm finally starting to wrap my head around the concept of a type as proposition and an object as proof. I'm finding it to be a great introduction to the subject.

If this is all old hat to you, then maybe you can help me with a question I've got.

In Chapter 4 on page 76, Thompson says:

Formation Rule for ⊥ -------------------- (⊥F) ⊥ is a formula

and we have no introduction rule associated with ⊥, as we know of no way of forming proofs of the absurd proposition.

And then on page 77 says:

Rule of Assumption A is a formula ------------------ (AS) x : A

But couldn't those be combined to give an introduction rule for ⊥?

---------------- (⊥F) ⊥ is a formula -------------------- (AS) x : ⊥

Making ⊥ inhabited?

I'm only four chapters in, so this may be covered later, but it's a bit of a stumbling block for me.

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Haskell / functional programming research in spanish

Haskell on Reddit - Thu, 01/08/2015 - 7:06pm

I'm trying to practice my spanish, and reading things related to haskell seemed like a great way to do it. AFAIK, the vast majority of functional programming research is done in English or weird Eastern European languages :)

Is there an active Spanish-language functional programming community?

Any links to good papers / books / blog posts?

What Spanish universities / professors are working on functional programming?

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Where does all the hackage package downloads come from?

Haskell on Reddit - Thu, 01/08/2015 - 6:50pm

I have this small insignificant package on hackage that was released not even a month ago witch no one knows about and has ~77 downloads.

Are there some robots automatically downloading packages?

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Is Haskell a good programming language for statistics/econometrics (or general scientific computing stuff)?

Haskell on Reddit - Thu, 01/08/2015 - 6:31pm


for my statistics/econometrics needs I use a lot of R and Python/Cython/Scipy/Numpy. But I'm fairly interested in Haskell (I've been using xmonad, a tiling window manager for X for years now) and it seems to me that Haskell being a purely functional language might actually help with faster development times, since I deal primarily with functions (likelihood functions mostly).

Do some of you use Haskell for that kind of stuff? Is it possible to call R from Haskell (or vice versa)? I supposed that Haskell is quite fast, being a compiled language, but how's performance with ghci?

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