Haskell Weekly News: October 24, 2006

Submitted by dons on Mon, 10/23/2006 - 7:39pm.

Welcome to issue 46 of HWN, a weekly newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.


  • MissingH 0.16.0. John Goerzen announced that the latest version of MissingH is now available. MissingH is a suite of 'missing' library functions. New features include: render numbers as binary units, a progress tracker, turn QuickCheck tests into HUnit tests, and GHC 6.6 support.

  • SMP parallel Pugs on GHC. Audrey Tang announced that parallel support, on top of GHC's new SMP runtime system, has been added to Pugs, the standard bearer Perl6 implementation.

  • YAHT is now a part of the wikibook. Eric Kow announced that the famous 'Yet Another Haskell Tutorial' has been imported into the Haskell wikibook. Let the great Haskell Remix begin!


This section covers the Haskell' standardisation process.


  • Ruby puzzles. Jim Burton mentioned that he was working on the Ruby quiz puzzles in Haskell -- an interesting exercise.

  • DeepSeq and parallel strategies. Chad Scherrer started a bit of a discussion about the connection between the deepSeq function, and Control.Parallel.Strategies.rnf

  • Type level functions. Oleg Kiselyov described how to use type level programming to create a type of constrained lists.

  • Extending the core libraries. Josef Svenningsson started a largish thread on adding a concat.intersperse function to the base library, leading to an interesting discussion on whether the time has come for an formal process for extending core libraries.

  • data Void. Conor McBride proposed adding the type with no inhabitants other than _|_ to the core libraries.

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