Haskell Weekly News: September 19, 2009

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Haskell Weekly News: September 18, 2009

Welcome to issue 131 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

Last week, I received an email from Mark Wotton about his project Hubris. I totally forgot to put it in the HWN last week, too busy trying to figure out all the tools. So, I thought I'd make it up and give him some special editorial status this week. Hubris is a bridge between Ruby and Haskell, allowing you to call Haskell from Ruby. It's very cool, I highly suggest playing with it. Also, I've been posting a bit about the new HWN tools (dubbed "HWN2") on my blog, there is also a repo up at patch-tag which will have all the code. If there is some interest in helping me, I'll try to come up with a TODO list/Trac.


hssqlppp, sql parser and type checker, pre-alpha. Jake Wheat announced his parser/type checker for SQL. It currently parses a subset of PostGreSQL and PL/pgSQL, and can type check some statements.

LambdaINet-0.1.0, Graphical Interaction Net Evaluator for Optimal Evaluation. Paul L announced a LambdaINet 0.1.0, available on Hackage. LambdaINet implements an interaction net based optimal evaluator. With an interactive graphical interface allowing the user to view and directly manipulate the interaction net.

arbtt-0.1. Joachim Breitner announced the Automatic Rule-Based Time Tracking tool on hackage. he has an introduction available here.

A statistics library. Bryan O'Sullivan announced the imaginatively named statistics library. Which supports common discrete and continuous probability distributions, Kernel density estimation, Auto-correlation analysis, Functions over sample data, Quantile estimation, and Re-sampling techniques.

CFP: JSC Special Issue on Automated Verification and Specification of Web Systems. A Special Issue of the Journal of symbolic computation was announced. This issue is related to the topics of the Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems Workshop (WWV'09). Read the announcement for more details.

Haskeline 0.6.2. Judah Jacobson announced the release of Haskeline 0.6.2, available here. Improvements over the last version include, new emacs and vi bindings, a new preference to remove repeated history entries, recognition of page-up and page-down keys, and more.

PEPM'10 - Last CFP (Submission: 6 Oct 09, Notification: 29 Oct 09). Janis Voigtlaender announced the Last Call for Papers for PEPM'10, see the announcement for more details.

Videos of HIW 2009. Malcolm Wallace announced videos of all the presentations/discussions at the recent Haskell Implementers Workshop 2009, in Edinburgh, are now online. The program of talks is available here.

Unification in a Commutative Monoid (cmu 1.1) and a new release of Abelian group unification and matching (agum 2.2). John D. Ramsdell announced cmu 1.1, which provides unification in a commutative monoid, also know as ACU-unification. The core computation finds the minimal non-zero solutions to homogeneous linear Diophantine equations. The linear equation solver has been place in a separate module so it can be used for other applications. He also announced agum 2.2, which provides unification and matching in an Abelian group, also know as AG-unification and matching.

graphviz-2999.5.1.0. Ivan Lazar Miljenovic announced a bug-fix release of the GraphViz package, no major API changes occurred.

levmar-0.2, bindings-levmar-0.1.1. Bas van Dijk and Roel van Dijk announced new versions of the levmar and bindings-levmar packages. New features include automatic calculation of the Jacobian via Conal Elliot's automatic differentiation from his vector-space library.

CmdArgs - easy command line argument processing. Neil Mitchell announced CmdArgs 0.1. CmdArgs is a library for parsing command-line arguments. It offers several improvements over GetOpts, namely that the Command Line Argument Processors are shorter and CmdArgs can support multiple-mode command lines such as those found in darcs, cabal, hpc, etc.

OpenGL Sven Panne announced a new version of the OpenGL package, this version fixes a bug that didn't make it into the previous release.

OpenGLRaw Sven Panne announced a new version of the OpenGLRaw package has been uploaded to Hackage.


Thank you guys. Cristiano Paris took some time to thank us all from -Cafe for helping him learn Haskell. You're welcome, Cristiano!

Unicode lexing in GHC and GHCi. Sean McLaughlin asked about why certain unicode characters parsed in GHCi without error, but not in compiled code.

Help with FFI. Jose Prous asked for some help with the foreign function interface.

Ambiguous type variable with subclass instance. Andy Gimblett asked about a particular ambiguous type error

Haskell -> .NET. Peter Verswyvelen asked about the possibilities for a .NET version of Haskell.

A thought about liberating Haskell's syntax. George Pollard suggested a new way to do templates, so that brace-like syntax could be added without having to seriously hack GHC.

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Quotes of the Week

  • quicksilver: no, you mispelt >> as ;
  • dons: Cale's my alter-ego. I talk about applications and benchmarking, he talks about theory and math. We've been doing this for years :)
  • gwern: #haskell: because none of us are as offtopic as all of us
  • some-crazy-hwn-editor: A monster! HAH! It will not be a monster, but a god! ALL SHALL BOW BEFORE MY SPAWN AND DESPAIR! ALL HAIL THE PROGRAMMER CHILD! ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD!
  • AlanJPerlis: Purely applicative languages are poorly applicable.

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