Haskell Weekly News: October 31, 2009

Submitted by jfredett on Fri, 10/30/2009 - 10:43pm.
Haskell Weekly News: October 31, 2009

Welcome to issue 137 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

This week brings a new release of xmonad, some cool bindings to allow interaction with GNOME, KDE, and XFCE desktops and a new version of haskell-mode for the lesser of two editors... Some progress has also been made on the new HWN software, though this was mitigated by the fact that I started playing with the Isabelle theorem prover (after reading about Haskabelle) and so now I find myself convinced I should formally prove all of my software, and also that I'm pretty much incapable of getting things done when cool tools present themselves. In fact, I don't think I'll even be able to finish this editori* Exception: The Haskell Weekly News!


xmonad 0.9 is now available! Don Stewart announced a new version of everyone's favorite Tiling Window Manager, xmonad! The changes and improvments are too numerous to mention, see the post for details!

WFLP2010 2nd CFP: LNCS + invited speaker + abstract due Nov 9. Pablo Nogueira announced a second call for papers for the Workshop on Functional and Constraint Logic Programming.

dbus-core 0.5 and dbus-client 0.1. John Millikin announced pure-Haskell client libraries for using the D-Bus protocol. D-Bus is heavily used for inter-application IPC on Free and open-source desktop platforms, such as Linux, OpenSolaris, and FreeBSD. These libraries allow applications written in Haskell to inter-operate with other components of recent GNOME, KDE, and XFCE desktops.

Singapore Functional Programmer Group First Meetup. Kenny Lu announced (with apologies for the late notice) an informal meeting for the Functional Programmer Group in Singapore on 2 Nov 2009. The theme for the first meeting will be 'meet and greet'.

GeBoP 1.7. Henk-Jan van Tuyl updated and cabalized GeBoP (the General Boardgames Player) and uploaded it to hackage.

GPS package on Hackage. Thomas DuBuisson announced that he fixed up the GPS package to add correct distance calculation and a separate module for exporting KML.

GPipe-TextureLoad 1.0.0 and GPipe 1.0.3. Tobias Bexelius announced a new version of GPipe as well as a utility package for loading textures.

HoleyMonoid-0.1. Martijn van Steenbergen announced announce the first release of HoleyMonoid, a datatype that helps you build monoids with holes in them. The holes are filled in later using normal function application.

GlomeVec, IcoGrid. Jim Snow announced a couple of packages, GlomeVec is a vector library used in Jim's ray-tracer, and IcoGrid is a library for dealing with grids of hexagons and pentagons wrapped on a sphere.

attempt-0.0.0. Michael Snoyman announced a new package for exceptions

haskell-mode 2.5. Svein Ove Aas announced a new version of haskell-mode for that other 'editor'...


Applicative but not Monad. Yusaku Hashimoto asked about an example of a datatype that was an instance of Applicative, but not an instance of Monad.

AND/OR Perceptron. Hector Guilarte asked about how to understand a particular portion of JP Moresmau's Perceptron in Haskell

What is the current state of affairs with supercompilation? Eugene Kirpichov asked about supercompilation in Haskell.

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Quotes of the Week

  • hexpuem: [on learning haskell] the best way is to shove a SD card up your nose with learn yourself a haskell good on it
  • copumpkin:

    copumpkin: 'YOU ARE SUCH A PULLBACK'

  • saml and mauke:

    saml: 'How can I convert python file to haskell?'
    mauke: 'By piping it through a programmer'

  • monochrom: premature generality is the root of OOP
  • EvilTerran: {-# LANGUAGE FlexibleMorals #-} -- needed for unsafeLaunchMissiles
  • Warrigal: Hey, the module loaded. I didn't expect that.
  • lilac:

    class Monad m where
    return and Kleisli compose
    must form a monoid

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