Haskell Weekly News: November 7, 2009

Submitted by jfredett on Sat, 11/07/2009 - 12:10am.
Haskell Weekly News: November 07, 2009

Welcome to issue 138 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

Lots of discussion about Clean this week. As well there was a new DSL, feldspar, announced. It deals with digital signal processing applications.


MonadRandom-0.1.4. Brent Yorgey announced a new version of MonadRandom which adds applicative instances for Rand and RantT, so you can write your code in applicative style.

Criterion 0.2, an improved Haskell benchmarking library. Bryan O'Sullivan announced a new version of Criterion, all the details of this release are available on his blog

feldspar-language. Emil Axelsson announced feldspar, a DSL for digital signal processing.

feldspar-compiler. Emil Axelsson announced the C code backend for the `feldspar` language.

fdo-notify 0.1, a client for the Desktop Notifications protocol. Max Rabkin announced a library for FreeDesktop.org's Desktop Notifications Protocol.

language-python version 0.2 now available. Bernie Pope announced a new version of the language-python package, which provides an AST and parser for Python 2.x-3.x (previously, only 3.x was supported).

timeplot. Eugene Kirpichov announced timeplot, which is useful visualizing log files.

Singapore FP Users Group First Meeting. Max Cantor announced the first meeting of the Singapore FP Users Group, it will be Monday, November 2nd at 6pm.

Advgame 0.1.1. Tim Wawrzynczak announced his port of Conrad Barski's 'Casting SPELs in Lisp' to Haskell.

BlogLiterately-0.2. Robert Greayer announced version 0.2 of BlogLiterately, a simple tool for uploading posts written in markdown and Literate Haskell to blogs.

haskell-mode 2.6. Svein Ove Aas announced a bugfix release of the Emac's Haskell mode.


A Problem Defining a Monad instance. Petr Pudlak asked about how to defined an instance of the Monad class for a monad whose argument is restricted by another typeclass.

Point Free Case Expressions. Sebastiaan Visser suggested that a new syntax be added for 'point-free' case expressions.

Master's thesis topic sought. Matus Tejiscak asked for suggestions for possible Master's Thesis topics.

What's the deal with Clean? Deniz Dogan asked about the recent discussion on the -cafe list about Clean, another Pure, Lazy, Strictly Typed language.

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Quotes of the Week

  • blackdog: [About Hubris] I tell the Ruby guys that Haskell will help them speed up their Ruby code and keep their apps going, and I tell Haskell guys that it'll Trojan Horse those poor unsuspecting rubyists...
  • lispy: Great, I leave the channel for a few hours and suddenly Haskell has a new found work ethic.
  • roconnor: ivanm: I will keep the fail in the code
  • lament: just remember to ask, 'What are your questions', as opposed to 'Do you have any questions'
  • mauke: @unpl const (flip const)
    lambdabot: (\ _ c d -> d)

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