Haskell Weekly News: Issue 142 - December 5, 2009

Submitted by jfredett on Sat, 12/05/2009 - 1:17am.
Haskell Weekly News: December 05, 2009

Welcome to issue 142 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

Occasionally, I have something silly or clever to say here. Usually I give a summary of the weeks news and end it with a bit of a cliche tagline, however, this is finals week, and as such, there is absolutely no brain cells left working to come up with any cleverness for here. I'll see you next week with (hopefully) more ability for humor. Until next week, the Haskell Weekly News!


error-message. Gregory Crosswhite announced a package for handling errors in haskell. To quote his message directly, 'If there is one thing that we really don't have enough of in Haskell, it is *ways to handle errors*!'

atom-0.1.3. Tom Hawkins announced a new version of the Atom DSL for designing hard realtime embedded software.

Blueprint 0.1 -- PREVIEW. Gregory Crosswhite announced a preview version of his 'Blueprint' configuration package.

haskell-mode 2.7.0. Svein Ove Aas announced another release of Haskell-mode for Emacs

graphviz-2999.7.0.0. Ivan Lazar Miljenovic announced a new version of his set of bindings to the graphviz tools for visualizing graphs.

Haskell Job Openings (Pune, IN). Tom Hawkins announced some job openings in Eaton's engineering center in Pune, India.

SaC Tutorial at PPoPP 2010. Clemens Grelck announced a tutorial to be held at PPoPP on SAC and it's auto-parallelizing compiler SAC2C.

Call for papers: PAPP 2010, 7th International Workshop on Practical Aspects of High-level Parallel Programming. Clemens Grelck announced a call for papers for the Seventh International Workshop on Practical Aspects of High-level Parallel Programming.

PhD Studentships in Nottingham. Graham Hutton announced some PhD openings at the University of Nottingham.

Second Call for Copy: Monad.Reader Issue 15. Brent Yorgey announced a second call for copy for the Monad.Reader.

3 full professor positions at DIKU. Fritz Henglein announced three open professor positions at the the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen (DIKU).

Hubris 0.0.2, the Ruby-Haskell bridge. Mark Wotton announced a new version of the Hubris package is now available on hackage.


You are in a twisty maze of concurrency libraries, all different ... Patrick Caldon asked about the 'right' concurrency package to use for his project.

Greetings! 2D Graphics? M Xyz asked (enthusiatically) about different ways to do 2-dimensional graphics in Haskell.

Wikipedia article. Simon Marlow rallied us all into fixing the (or at least starting to fix) wikipedia page for Haskell.

Great Programs to Read? Michael Lesniak asked about what programs were worth reading.

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Quotes of the Week

  • Badger: one does not simply >>= into mordor
  • Apocalisp: data CanHaz a = Haz a | ButIEatedIt
  • Apocalisp: You can't have your baby and eat it too
  • Dave_Benjamin: please talk to your son or daughter about parametric polymorphism
  • Cale: Beginners are confusing to beginners. I move that we remove them from the language altogether.
  • monochrom: I am 17-ary, going on 18-ary, I can take curry of you
  • jmillikin: [the real world is] an implementation detail of IO, pay it no mind
  • monochrom,ezyang: The Principle Of Idiot Savant: any sufficiently misguided opinion is indistinguishable from deep insight
  • Cale: I swear that most of higher-dimensional category theory must have been arrived at by some guys sitting around in a room with a blackboard and saying "What if a drew a diagram like *THIS*!?" and drawing some insane scribble up on the blackboard, and then everyone tries to figure out how to turn it into meaningful mathematics.
  • jbe: Here I am, happy my code compiles, and the runtime is thumbing its nose at Turing.
  • Ferdirand: I was TA for a C++ programming course aimed at 1st year physics once. Some girl asked for help "i wrote pseudo-code but I cannot translate it to C++". Her pseudo-code was valid haskell. I cried.
  • mmorrow: [regarding excessive use of categorical recursion schemes] a morphasm?
  • copumpkin: I'm on a rollomorphism
  • dons: but rumours are remarkably common when it comes to haskell
  • monochrom: If you read a haskell book or an FP book, by chapter 5 it's already doing data structures. It's chapter 10 in imperative books.

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