Haskell Weekly News: Issue 148 - January 31 , 2010

Submitted by jfredett on Sun, 01/31/2010 - 2:17pm.
Haskell Weekly News: January 31, 2010

Welcome to issue 148 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community.

Hello Haskellers, this week begins with a correction. Last week, I noted a blogpost from one 'Bartek Paczesiowa', I was rapidly informed of the complete wrongness of this citation. In fact, Bartek's last name is, and I hope the Unicode makes it through here, 'Ćwikłowski' and Paczesiowa is his nickname. Apologies to Bartek, as penance I've reread your excellent post on your blog. That said, this week's HWN if packed full of awesome potential naming errors, so I'll let you get to it. Thus, Haskellers, Your Haskell Weekly News!


haskell-src-exts-1.8.0. Niklas Broberg announced a new release of haskell-src-exts.

Elerea 1.2.3 with some enhancements. Patai Gergely announced his addition of some new features to the experimental branch of his FRP library, Elerea.

hakyll-1.3. Jasper Van der Jeugt announced the release of hakyll 1.3, including several new improvments and changes.

ThreadScope 0.1. Satnam Singh announced the release of Threadscope 0.1, the premier graphical thread profiler.

The Monad.Reader Issue 15. Brent Yorgey announced the most recent issue of the Monad.Reader, a monthly publication of Haskell Related expostition and discusson articles.

afv-0.1.0. Tom Hawkins announced a afv-0.1.0, an infinite state model checker for verifying assertions about embedded C programs.

adaptive-tuple 0.1.0. John Lato announced the initial release of adaptive-tuple, his library for combining the space-efficient properties of tuples with the utility of lists.

Job opportunities at Citrix Systems (Cambridge, UK). Matthias Goergens announced a opportunity available at Citrix Systems in Cambridge, UK.


OT: Literature on translation of lambda calculus to combinators. Dusan Kolar asked about texts regarding translating the untyped lambda calculus to a combinator calculus such as SKI or BCKW.

Linguistic hair-splitting. Andrew Coppin asked an interesting offtopic linguistic question about what we call a number, a field, an element, and a monad.

Adopting hpodder? John Goerzen asked if there were any interested adoptive maintainers for his hpodder project. This is an excellent opportunity for a Haskell Neophyte to help the community and learn about project management hopefully we can find hpodder a new maintainer!

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Quotes of the Week

  • Berengal: I'm going to write a module Hmm with a (.) operator in it, so I can go 'Hmm..' in my code
  • clarkb,: in CS they dont teach you to program...You learn Data Structures, Algorithms, Logic, Discrete Math, Language theory, etc and happen to pick up programming on the way
  • dons: hey i love core. i dream about unboxes
  • cale: Differential geometry is the study of manifolds under change of notation.
  • kmc: the irony being, the abstraction that gets the most complaining and general noise [from imperative programmers] is the one that captures imperative programming
  • kmc: i am Jack's monad operator
  • arw: ...and a basic law of haskell is, 50% of all documentation has to be monad tutorials :)
  • Cale: Here [#haskell], we feed trolls until they explode.
  • bartek: It took me 2 years of studying teachings of Oleg Kiselyov (who was raised among types, where he learned to speak their language), but finally, I have the solution.
  • kmc: I think 250 milliolegs is enough to kill an elephant
    olsner: ... to kill an elephant - in the type system!
  • syntaxglitch: every time I have a cool idea about something that might work in Haskell, I go check Oleg's stuff and find that
    1) he already did it
    2) thought it out better
    3) did it incidentally while working on something way more interesting
  • DRMacIver:: I dread to think what category theory would look like after the software engineering world had got their grubby paws on it. Enterprise variant functors. Commutative UML diagrams.

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