Cabal 0.5 is out

Submitted by jgoerzen on Mon, 02/21/2005 - 7:32am.

Isaac Jones has posted Cabal 0.5. New features include hooks interface updates,bugfixes, a user's manual, and a little bit of refactoring. The Debian package has already been uploaded also. Here's the full changelog:

0.5 Isaac Jones Wed Feb 19 2005
* WARNING: this is a pre-release and the interfaces are still
likely to change until we reach a 1.0 release.
* Hooks interfaces changed
* Added preprocessors to user hooks
* No more executable-modules or hidden-modules. Use
"other-modules" instead.
* Certain fields moved into BuildInfo, much refactoring
* extra-libs -> extra-libraries
* Added --gen-script to configure and unconfigure.
* modules-ghc (etc) now ghc-modules (etc)
* added new fields including "synopsis"
* Lots of bug fixes
* spaces can sometimes be used instead of commas
* A user manual has appeared (Thanks, ross!)
* for ghc 6.4, configures versionsed depends properly
* more features to ./setup haddock