that's enough of SJT

Submitted by metaperl on Sun, 10/09/2005 - 2:20pm.

i'm tired of beating around the bush. i have played with not being able to think long enough.

learning haskell is not an obligation for me. it is a hobby. i can't ever expect it to compete with C++ in terms of popularity. I chose haskell because it forces you to think clearly. I need to see this as a hobby which might become a profitable job one day... Perl did. Haskell might as well. Haskell is gaining corporate attention. Microsoft has always had its eye on it.

better to master something I like than to keep rushing through this book. Funny "The Haskell Road..." does not cover monads, but I feel confident I will be able to handle them if/when I make it through Doets/van Eijck's book.