progress report of HaskellNet

Submitted by jmuk on Sun, 06/04/2006 - 11:40am.

At first, my plan is as follows.

First, I'll collect up some libraries which relates with network. For example, HTTP, MissingH (FTP), HAppS (DNS, HTTP, SMTP), and WASH-MAIL (MIME) are the candidates. Second, I'll implement other lacking protocols such as IMAP. POP3 and SMTP is aready implemented by me (see hazakura project).

And third, I'll fix up the libraries -- API level consistency is important for the programmer. The similar naming and similar API is required.

Finally, I'll set up a kind of test suit. Because the validation for the network behavior is hard to describe, the test will be a text level (local) check of query string, or parser for the peer response.

By now, the status is `collect up'. There are some problems to importing other libraries -- but, the most difficult problem is not coding. It is license problem (sigh).

I also read RFC 3501 and start to implement Network.IMAP.