darcs freeze

Submitted by jmuk on Tue, 06/13/2006 - 11:26pm.

... in a limited situation.

I will import the HTTP library into my haskellnet repository. However, the importing process of darcs freezes.

Probably, this occurs because both repositories have same directory name, Network. HTTP contains a patch to create Network directory (adddir Network), but this directory already exists in haskellnet library. So darcs are confused.

Certainly, I can easily import the HTTP files directly (not through darcs pull). But, in such case, there will be two problems.
- I lost all of the history of the works for HTTP
- If some patches are send to either library, it is difficult and annoying to send the paches to other library.

I have an idea to deal with this problem -- modifying the patch manually. But darcs allows such modification?