Progress Report of HaskellNet

Submitted by jmuk on Sat, 06/17/2006 - 9:10pm.

At first, the repository of HaskellNet is moved to Please refer to it after this.

I imported HTTP modules into haskellnet. As I mentioned, the importing have a problem. It has no patch data of HTTP because I just copied the files into my directory and did darcs add.

Next, I modified the implementation of SMTP and POP3 to depend on the Network.Stream and Network.TCP which seem to be very useful abstractions of socket.
# However, it should become a part of Streams or SSC...? I don't know the best solution by now.

Because the MissingH is LGPL and HAppS is GPL, I cannot import these libraries into HaskellNet directly. Now I discuss with the developers of these libs, and I will distribute other version of HaskellNet such like `HaskellNet.LGPL' which includes current my implementation and other LGPL network libraries.

And then, IMAP implementation have little progress. I wrote a sort of parser for the server response.

BTW, there is a problem to build haskellnet. Because it has same modules of HTTP, ghc is confused at the system which already is installed HTTP. Therefore, I must have removed the HTTP before building haskellnet, which annoys me...
Can I change the module name to HaskellNet from Network? Or, other better solutions?