LicensedPreludeExts - Prelude Extensions from the community.

Submitted by shapr on Thu, 02/24/2005 - 7:28am.

The LicensedPreludeExts on the Haskell Wiki started with Koen Claessan's permutations function being requested too many times on the #haskell irc channel. I wondered what other bits of code people were missing from the Prelude and asked for contributions. I already had a few other useful bits of code, such as a string splitting function from Tom Moertel, and immediately the contributions started pouring in! Some highlights are Cale Gibbard's swing combinator, Andrew Bromage's combinations which is complementary to permutations, and Bryn Keller's splitRegex, splitRegexWithMatches. If you haven't read through this collection of useful code, you may be missing something great! If you haven't contributed to this code, we may be missing something great, feel free to contribute!