getContents with gnutls...

Submitted by jmuk on Sun, 08/20/2006 - 8:04pm.

GetContents like actions are hard to implement with gnutls. hsgnutls prepares `tlsRecv', but it blocks when there are nothing to be read. tlsCheckPending is said to check the lenth of `pending' (readable) buffer in gnutls, but it always returns 0.

I read `gnutls-cli', a telnet like gnutls command because it can read until there are something to be read. Then, I found that gnutls-cli uses select(2) to know whether reading is ready or not. Oops...

Next, I keep the Handle for tlsClient in TlsSession data structure, and use hReady :: Handle -> IO Bool to check if the tls session is readable. It seems to succeed when I test in ghci, but fails when using in other actions (like bsGetContents). The reason will be that the state of hReady cannot change so rapidly. For example,
*TLSStream> bsPutCrLf s (BS.pack "a001 CAPABILITY") >> hReady h >>= print
*TLSStream> hReady h >>= print

Then, I try to use hWaitForInput :: Handle -> Int -> IO Bool because it can wait some period. Now, it succeed to check with the waiting time of 500 miliseconds.

Are there any other (elegant) implementation of `GetContent' with gnutls?