Haskell interesting to Perl6 developers

Submitted by jgoerzen on Thu, 02/24/2005 - 6:57am.

Autrijus Tang seems to have caused some interest in the Perl community due to his rapid development of a working Perl6 compiler/interpreter written in Haskell. Quite a few Perl6 hackers have been hanging out in #haskell of late.

Pugs, at present, works by compiling the input to an AST and then interpreting (evaluating) that AST. Autrijus expects this to be expanded to a true compiler down the road, with possible outputs being Perl 6, Haskell code (which could lead to a Perl-to-C compiler), and Parrot.

Submitted by The Haskell Sequence (trackback) (not verified) on Tue, 03/08/2005 - 4:02am.

O'Reilly Perl.Com has an interesting interview with Autrijus Tang of Pugs fame.

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