One job title you will never see - Junior Haskell Developer

Submitted by metaperl on Thu, 11/23/2006 - 2:19pm.

I am a Senior-level Perl developer with 6 years of corporate experience.

I managed to eek my way to this lofty status by imitation. I bought lots and lots of Perl journals, read lots and lots of code, chatted in IRC channels, read religiously and basically became capable of aping an answer to anythiing at anytime.

Oh and CPAN modules helped a lot because I only needed to follow directions and they cover almost any corporate scenario one might have.

So, at one time I was a junior sponge and now I am a senior sponge. I am not more intelligent I just have more idioms under my belt and can crack them off almost unconsciously.

Flip to Haskell. I have tried this approach to learning Haskell 2 or 3 times and each time I had to call the paramedics for oxygen. There is no such thing as a Junior Haskell Programmer.

You either possess the ability to conceptualize the functional decomposition of a problem or you get NOTHING done.

Haskell is a very exacting discipline and you either Master it or remain a fool and the only difference between the two is how much time you put into gaining a grasp on the power, scope, elegance and techniques for wielding the 3-fold synergy of strong typing, lazy evaluation, and purely functional application.

As a side note, I am of course wise enough to be dropping Perl for Python. And even though it is not Haskell, it is worlds better for 90 million reasons I wont go into right now.