New Site Name (and URL fragment)

Submitted by jgoerzen on Tue, 03/01/2005 - 7:00am.
The Haskell Sequence (sequence)
53% (10 votes)
The Haskell Thunk (thunk)
0% (0 votes)
The Haskell Continuation (continuation)
5% (1 vote)
The Haskell Sequents (sequents)
0% (0 votes)
The Haskell SideEffect (sideeffect)
11% (2 votes)
\Haskell (backslash)
5% (1 vote)
\Haskell (lambda)
11% (2 votes)
\. (backslashdot)
16% (3 votes)
Total votes: 19
Submitted by jgoerzen on Tue, 03/01/2005 - 3:06pm.

The URL fragment could be used for the future site name... for instance, or

Submitted by simonmar on Fri, 03/04/2005 - 8:59am.

How about... "The Accumulating Argument"

Submitted by pesco on Thu, 03/17/2005 - 3:43am.

Damn! I missed it again! My vote is definately "\."!
Backslashdot! The pun is hilarious!

(Noting that literature commonly uses the dot to seperate lambda variables and body. everybody surely knows.)

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