Daydreaming about teaching haskell

Submitted by metaperl on Thu, 12/07/2006 - 8:40am.

"Ok students, today we are going to learn something different and amazing. It's called purely functional programming... did you notice you entered this room? Sometimes 1 of you came in, other times 3 came through the door? Well, in a functional language, that would be OK, but we would type it like this:

enterDoor :: timeQuanta -> [Student] -> [Student]


I started this out as a post about how a function always took the exact same arguments... ALWAYS... OK now I got it.

"Ok students, you noticed you that dog came in? And then that principle? That's the beauty of FP. Any possible set of inputs MUST be stated up front, so we have to change our funciton again."

Hmm, this didn't go as planned but it's leading somewhere. Bear with me. I'll clean this up sometime... i'm supposed to be working now :)