Haskell Xcode Plugin

Submitted by humasect on Mon, 01/08/2007 - 2:46pm.

Thanks to Damien Bobillot for writing the Objective Caml plugin, and his efforts in researching the Xcode plugin API interface, I've written in the last week, an Xcode plugin for Haskell.

Thanks to everyone for their direct and indirect support.

Submitted by itkovian on Thu, 01/11/2007 - 8:15am.

That sounds great! Put it up somewhere asap.

Submitted by Blacktiger on Mon, 01/29/2007 - 8:33am.

If you send it to me (blktiger AT ku.edu), I will put it up on my University webspace. Even if you find a better solution I would love to try using it!

Submitted by Blacktiger on Thu, 02/08/2007 - 3:34pm.

⌘- for [un]commenting (Option-minus)
Shouldn't that be Command-minus?

Submitted by humasect on Tue, 02/13/2007 - 9:12pm.

Thank you =) Updated on website http://www.hoovy.org/HaskellXcodePlugin/

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