Haskell and XML

Submitted by mrd on Sun, 08/05/2007 - 8:59am.

I installed HXT this week to use in a small project which dealt with some XML data. It is a slick library, and it has introduced me to the joy of Arrows. I scavenged for tutorial information, and there are some useful pages out there -- The Haskellwiki page on HXT, and Neil Bartlett's recent blog entry.

However, when it came down to getting some practical work done, I found myself scouring the HXT Arrow API documentation. While it is pretty neat to figure out which combinator to use solely based on the examination of types, I would have preferred a selection of code examples.

That is what Practical Examples of HXT in Action is attempting to be. I've concocted 3 articles so far, and I'm hoping to add more. The current examples demonstrate: arrow syntax, basic useful combinators, a little development methodology, optional and list data, and simple integration with Network.HTTP.