Performance of Haskell (ghc-compiled) applications

Submitted by itkovian on Fri, 06/03/2005 - 2:14am.

I am wondering if there exists any interest in doing some research into the low-level performance of ghc-cmpiled Haskell (duh) applications. It seems to me that getting an idea on cache-miss rates, branch prediction, etc. could be of interest to the Haskell community.

Possible routes are
- performance counters (x86, PowerPC, x86-64)
- DSS simulation
- DIABLO/FIT to instrument the binaries (can we obtain statically compiled Haskell apps?)
- DIOTA to gather data

The main problem atm lies in the benchmarks that would be needed (of course!). People at #haskell have suggested using the ghc regression suite, but I am not sure if these qualify as real-world apps, i.e. the real stuff people use Haskell for.

All input is appreciated.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 07/04/2005 - 3:34pm.

Valgrind includes good tools for low-level profiling on x86, e.g. cacheprof, and they seem to be developing ppc support too. (Valgrind's lead author was part of ghc implementation team a few years ago.)

Submitted by Peter A Jonsson (not verified) on Thu, 07/28/2005 - 2:40am.

Sorry about the late reply. The Cache Behaviour of Large Lazy Functional Programs on Stock Hardware might be a good start for your work.

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