Drupal is not Burger King!

Submitted by metaperl on Sun, 07/24/2005 - 11:06am.

The old motto of Burger King when I was growing up was: "Have it Your Way"

Drupal is a nice system, but note what I must do. I must visit this website, click on what I want to do and then fill out a bunch of forms to get my content up.

I have written two things recently. One on the Haskell pipeline paradigm:

And another on the ease with which top-down development is in Haskell:

But I did not savor the prospect of dealing with Drupal's limited HTML... in other words, I wanted to HAVE IT MY WAY.

Why couldn't I just open up a directory under a tree in a shell, code up my text and/or HTML and then have some sort of skulking process notice that a new directory was there and add the content to the system?

Maybe only after a darcs push was done should this happen so that you can develop and only publish when you push.

But at anyrate I envision a system that is built up from a large collection of handwritten directories without visiting websites and filling out forms, blah blah.

Submitted by jgoerzen on Mon, 07/25/2005 - 7:08am.

I've been unsatisfied with Drupal for various reasons myself. If you have suggestions for other software, I'm glad to hear them.

However, few programs will let you use arbitrary HTML. It's both a security risk and a risk to breaking the site layout (it's too easy to, for instance, have opening tags without closing tags that effect the material below)

Submitted by itkovian on Mon, 07/25/2005 - 7:56am.

Feel free to contribute to Drupal, if you need something that isn't in there.

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