well, there goes 8 hours up in smoke

Submitted by metaperl on Fri, 08/12/2005 - 4:13am.

I took a day off work to get an eye exam and then headed to Jamba Juice to get 4 32-oz containers of fresh-squeezed juice. I headed home, ready to continue my Haskell explorations.

For some reason, I decided to take just a few minutes to try to get my old laptop ip masquerading to my main machine, since I had never managed this before.

Well, boy was that a mistake. I tried guarddog and guidedog. I tried google and IRC. I tried man route. I tried shorewall. 8 hours later:

- no better at Haskell
- no ip masquerading
- severely frustrated

The lesson: pick your battles. Linux is an experimenters toolbox. It is very free and open and configurable and you will often have to do research to get anything done (unlike Windows). This is great at times but tempting at others.

I need to realize that I am a software developer who wants to transition from Perl to Haskell and stay focused on that. I will never be as good at networking as the sysadmins at work and I dont need to waste my time in such efforts.

had I bought a wireless bridge like linksys tech support said, or had I tried out the wireless card I bought, I would have had an easy and predictable path through unknown territory.

I havent even mentioned that a normal ethernet cable doesnt work. If it had not been for the phone tech who came out to fix my "phone problem" (ok, ok, sorry my laundry disconnected my phone and it was buried under 4 feet of laundry so I never noticed it), ... anyway. the phone tech saw I was using Linux and told me about his 4-processor Itanium and how Microsoft charges 2700 for its Windows version for this machine. He noticed the wire running between my machiens and told me I needed something called a crossover cable... yet another unknown thing...

So: pick your battles, stick to your guns and cherish your free time for what you need to get done... even if that means iconifying your IRC client, being a bit dumb about a bunch of things not related to your goal... and I didnt mention the lady who I told I wanted a vegetarian plate at the restauranet. I lift up the scrambled egg and there staring at me if roasted beef... she tried to scrape it out of the bown and give it back to me.... and yes, there were still beef chunks in there after her attempt to save some dollars... and of course I would've been urling my guts out for hours had this vegetarian body accidentally taken in that garbage.

Rule #2: dont play in the fire unless you dont mind getting burnt. Pick vegetarian restaurants if you are a vegetarian. If they serve meat at all, then stay the hell out... unless you like carcass grease mixed in with your veggies. Or better yet, cook for yourself so you arent wondering what the cook did with his hands, or what tasty ingredients they added that due nothing but constipate and poision the body (ie. table salt, distilled vinegar, white flour, etc etc).