"Algorithms: A Functional Programming Approach" by Fethi Rabhi and Guy Lapalme

Submitted by shapr on Tue, 02/22/2005 - 11:13am.

Algorithms: A Functional Programming Approach is one of my top ten favorite computer science books. First, it covers the basics of Haskell and complexity theory. Then for each algorithm it gives first an easy to read implementation, and then a more efficient but harder to read implementation. Each of the transformations from clear to fast versions are discussed, and optimizations are explained. This book was also my first introduction to methodical step-by-step algorithmic optimization systems, in this case the Burstall & Darlington system. I've since used the lessons I learned in this book in my commercial work in Python, SQL, Java, and of course Haskell.

The best audience for this book is those who are looking for a second Haskell book, or new to algorithms, or would like to learn how to optimize pure (non-monadic) Haskell code systematically. The sections on top-down design techniques and dynamic programming would be of interest to programmers who are still learning and wish to know more about structuring larger programs.

Even with all that content, this softcover book is only 256 pages (coincidentally binary?), allowing for easy reading in any spare moment.